Serey – “An alternative to the mainstream media and the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter”

Apply for a community page or website. There are 2 ways to do this.

1. If you are an influencer or a media company with a large userbase, we might be able to build it for you for free. Send us an email with more information about your company or yourself, and why you think Serey could be a good fit for you, and we will gladly consider.

2. Start a community by acquiring 2 million Serey Coins. Buy 2 million Serey Coins from exchanges and power up these coins. After you have done this, you can contact us notifying you want to start a community, and we will build a new community page/website for you. Note that a community should follow the community guidelines outlined here: You can rebrand your community. Create your own logo and choose the categories for you page.

What are we trying to do?

We build social media websites to counter the big tech companies. We believe in the freedom of speech and want to foster civilized meaningful online engagement.


For who?

Are you a community leader? An influencer? A famous blogger? Or are you just fanatic and love to write content? And you want a social media website for your audience to have civilized meaningful online engagement? Then apply to Serey for your own social media website.

FREE: convince us that you have a large following and that you can attract your audience to join your website and we will build the website free for charge for you.

INEXPENSIVE: if not, we offer one inexpensively.


Building an ecosystem of content sharing websites and dApps to break the monopoly of the mainstream media and the big tech.


Offer content sharing websites and dApps that focus on communities and its values.


Community based values to manage censorship and promote healthy discussions.


Receive a proportion of Serey coins

  • Enjoy writing and curating content for the website while earning Serey coins
  • Earn extra income from ads from the websites

Websites we have built

“Let us know about your community and the topic for your social media website”


What problems do we solve?

  • 1
    Media centralization:Traditional social media platforms are centralized entities that take users’ content and sell it to advertisers, while channeling billions of dollars to their shareholders. The users of these platforms, those who are actually building and supporting the platforms, oftentimes don’t receive any rewards in return.
  • 2
    Censorship:Such platforms have, moreover, censorship controls that can distort the views and opinions of the people while suppressing freedom of expression and people’s creativity.
  • 3
    Low quality media:The quality of content is often compromised through censorship and not giving economic and social incentives to content-creators.
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    Write about yourself and why you think you can be a good community manager of the new website. Also tell us about the website that you have in mind. Think about:

    1. The country that you want to focus on.

    2. The topics.

    3. What things like values or information you want to achieve.